The ultimate Hair Fragrance

We’ve developed SILAS Hair Fragrance to be the best hair perfume on the market. With our durable scent we set new standards. The product we’ve designed was made with hairstylists and their clients in mind. Not only is it available for professionals but also for private users.

If you like the subtle smell of freshly-washed hair, SILAS is the right product for you!

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We are on a mission!

As a premium cosmetics brand, we here at SILAS® find innovative new solutions for old problems and always try to flip the script on what is expected. We developed our Hair Fragrance because we discovered a gap in the market for hair perfumes that suit hair properly.
Because fragrance in shampoo fades rather quickly we determined that there would be a large demand for a “hair fragrance” that would last, without smelling like a perfume.
By sharing our ideas with industry leading hair stylists, we gained their support which in turn helped realize our dream. Today our product is being used by over 60 Hair studios and their clients every day.


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